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At Obazee Nobahar LLP we are committed to results. We are consistent, effective and professional, giving each case the attention it deserves. An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients to ensure they can confidently make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs. We understand that the world is constantly changing and you may be confronted by a complex array of regulations, questions, and legal pressures or responsibilities. Our experienced and innovative lawyers bring extensive knowledge and experience to each case. Check out our areas of practice and contact us today!



At Obazee Nobahar LLP, we believe that there is a place for you in Canada’s multiculturalism and economic growth. We uphold the primary objectives of Canadian Immigration policies i.e., to foster the reunification of families and to maximize the social, cultural, and economic benefits of immigration. Our team of lawyers is here to help you navigate through the sometimes complex immigration laws in Canada.


Purchasing, selling, or mortgaging your property can be overwhelming and stressful; it often involves your biggest investment and asset. Whatever your transaction may be, our team of real estate lawyers in Toronto are here to make the process simple and ensure a smooth closing.


Thinking of utilizing corporate tax benefits? Indemnifying your personal assets from your business exposure? Or entering a complex arrangement with your business partners? At Obazee Nobahar LLP, we can assist in helping you get your business started on the right foot or make the necessary re-organizations to your already-existing business.


The death or incapacitation of a loved one is often the most difficult time in our lives. Administering the estate of a deceased or the affairs of an incapacitated person is made even more difficult by the legalities involved. It is therefore critical to plan ahead by seeking professional guidance. Careful preparation of your will, Power of Attorney for property or personal care, can save you the much-needed time, energy, and financial resources required to endure such difficulties.



Ali Nobahar helped me out with a pretty stressful and long purchase... Ali put the time and explained everything in simple words and negotiated with the builder's lawyer to make my financial responsibility towards the builder a lot lower. His service was very fast and professional. Always Answered my phone himself and dedicated his time to answer my questions. Most definitely recommend him as a real estate lawyer in Toronto to anyone. Best lawyer experience I've had my entire life.

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