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Civil Litigation

At Obazee Nobahar LLP, we understand the complexities and the high stakes involved in civil litigation. Our firm offers a robust civil litigation practice designed to navigate our clients through the intricacies of legal disputes with confidence and strategic acumen. Whether you are facing a contract, business, or real estate dispute, or any form of civil matter, our team brings a wealth of knowledge, dedicated advocacy, and a tailored approach to each case.
We pride ourselves on our ability to assess legal situations quickly, develop effective strategies, and proceed with decisive action. Our goal is not only to represent our clients competently in court but also to provide comprehensive guidance to achieve the most favorable outcomes, be it through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, or trial.
With Obazee Nobahar LLP, you can expect a partner that stands steadfastly beside you, protecting your interests and upholding your rights at every turn within the civil litigation landscape.

Dispute Resolution


Contract Disputes


Property Disputes


Employment Disputes

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